SpiderRock taps Eventus for trade surveillance offering

SpiderRock taps Eventus for trade surveillance offering

Risk management technology provider SpiderRock has tapped Eventus for Validus, the latter’s trade surveillance platform.

Server-Sent Events | Postman Level Up

Server-sent events is a standard for real-time communication between the client and server over HTTP/S. It allows for efficient and low-latency data transmission, making it a popular choice for applications that require real-time updates, such as chat apps, live sports updates, and more.

Example endpoint:

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Streaming Services are Fighting! (What Should Cord-Cutters Do?)

On-demand and Live TV streaming services have been a great way for cord-cutters to save money. However, recent months have seen one growing trend – streaming services and content providers fighting each other for content.

We saw this at the end of 2021 between YouTube TV and Disney. This left lots of people in the lurch to get their favorite shows and sports. Didn’t we leave cable, in part, to avoid these fights?

Not all is lost for those who cut the cord on cable, but it’s essential for you to stay in the know about what’s going on in the streaming space.

Watch our video now to learn how to survive the fighting between different streaming services and keep more money in your pocket.

Quick Jump Sections:
0:00 – Streaming services are fighting
0:56 – YouTube TV and issues with content providers
2:59 -What streaming services are doing to survive
5:39 -User experience frustrations
6:49 -What can cord-cutters do to survive?

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Arkansans should beware of social media pet scams

As tornado recovery efforts continue in Central Arkansas, organizations like Friends of the Animal Village are warning of possible pet scams on social media.


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