Nature loss & the role of sovereign debt, consumer payments & Fintech

Nature loss & the role of sovereign debt, consumer payments & Fintech

In FinextraTV’s latest Unplugged episode, Simon Zadek, Chair of the Finance for Biodiversity Initiative and Co-Chair of the Technical Hub of TNFD unpacks the detail to Richard Peers about the role of financial services, debt, nudging, fintech, and how TNFD and F4B are enabling change.

Social Finance Day

The Center for Financial Markets and Policy (CFMP) has been hosting a Global Virtual Seminar Series on Fintech every Friday since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. On Friday, October 16 CFMP, working in conjunction with the Ripple University Blockchain Research Initiative, was delighted to bring together scholars to present their social finance-related research for Social Finance Day.

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Regulation Risk: Impact to Banking and FinTech

Jesse Gourevitch: Unequal Impacts of Nature Loss | Environment, Justice & Equity Panel

The Environment, Justice & Equity Panel features Gund Fellows who are tackling questions of justice and equity in their environmental research. In this video, panelist Jesse Gourevitch discusses how projected losses of ecosystem services disproportionately affect people of color and lower-income populations.

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In the modern era banking is becoming something you do rather than somewhere you go. Fintech’s are leading the evolution of financial services by leveraging cutting edge technology. But why is this happening and how are they doing it? Find out in this video.